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Inexpensive Fair Trade products including
fairtrade Bags, fairtrade Scarves, fairtrade Gloves, fairtrade Purses & Wallets, fairtrade Stationery, fairtrade Diaries, and Fairtrade Gifts including Incense, Jewellery, Kids Stuff, Christmas Items and Much More

From Nepal, Tibet, India, Bali, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia,El Salvador, Ecuador, Guatemala

Worry Dolls
Purses & Wallets
Scarves & Shawls
Kids Stuff
Check out our speciality - Fair Trade Hats Galore ... !!!
From Fine Fedoras and Panamas,
to Whacky Winter Woollies... And all at great prices!!

Welcome To Dragons Garden
Beautiful Fairtrade Products From Around The World
Fairtrade Hats a Speciality!
  • Welcome To Dragons Garden
  • Beautiful Fairtrade Products From Around The World
  • Fairtrade Hats a Speciality!

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We started selling Fair Trade goods four years ago, we sell at our local market in Llandeilo and attend various events and shows.

We only sell Fair Trade goods as we have strong ethical concerns and feel that by only buying and selling Fair Trade goods , we can all do our little bit in redressing the poverty and inequality in our very unequal world.

We don't work directly with producers but buy only from members of the British Association of Fair Trade, all committed to Fair Trade practices, such as no child labour, gender equality, and decent pay and conditions.

We are also very concerned about the environment, and try to buy goods that have come by sea and not air, we encourage recycling, and try to buy goods that are azo dye free and where workers have safe and healthy environments to work in.

We try and recycle our packaging as many times as possible, and only use recycled paper carrier bags.

Fair Trade is a grass roots, sustainable movement, it allows disadvantaged people from around the world to have some control over their lives, and provides an income for the basics of life, shelter, food, education and health care that we so often take for granted.

By buying Fair Trade here you will be helping producer groups like the Women's Skills Development Project, Nepal, The Association for Craft Producers, Nepal, Mitra Bali, Indonesia, Asha Handicrafts Association, India, Get Paper Industry, Nepal and many, many more.

Fair Trade Hats
We specialize in hats, we just love them, we have hand made Fedora's and Panama's from Ecuador, bright chullo hats from Bolivia, and woolly hats of all colours and designs from Nepal & India . If you're looking for a particular sort of hat and its not displayed, please contact us as we may be able to order it for you.

All our hats are unisex. If you want to buy a Fedora style or Panama hat you will need to check your size.

We also stock a wide range of bags, purses, scarves, gloves, incense, jewellery, kids stuff and gifts, if you're looking for a present for someone, we also sell cards and wrapping paper, so you can buy all you need in one go.

Most of the items we sell are individually hand made, because of this they may vary slightly in colour and size.

With our thanks to Flora Kerridge for modelling the hats