About Us

I started selling Fair Trade goods in 2005, both at my  local market in Llandeilo and  at various events,  shows & festivals through the year.

In 2014 I took the plunge & opened my lovely shop in Llandeilo, since then the shop has flourished,  become very popular & often a hub for debate .

In 2023 I moved to the lovely Llandovery to an exciting new Venture on the main high street.

Here’s the serious bit

I sell Fair Trade goods as I have strong ethical concerns and feel that by buying and selling Fair Trade goods , we can all do our little bit in redressing the poverty and inequality in our very unequal world.

Books at the Dragons Garden Llandovery

I deal directly with some producers but buy primarily from members of the British Association of Fair Trade Shops & Suppliers, who are all  committed to Fair Trade principles, such as no child labour, gender equality, and decent pay and conditions.

I am more than ever concerned about the environment, and try to buy goods that have come by sea not air, I encourage recycling, and  buy goods  where workers have safe and healthy environments to work in.

I try and recycle our packaging as many times as possible, and since 2005 have only used recycled paper carrier bags, our mail bags are completely biodegradable, our tissue paper is recycled.

Fair Trade is a grass roots, sustainable movement, it allows disadvantaged people from around the world to have some control over their lives, and provides an income for the basics of life, shelter, food, education and health care that we so often take for granted.

I hope you enjoy browsing all the lovely goods, if you buy Fair Trade goods it’s a lot more than a gift, you’re actually making a difference.  Thanks, Mandy.